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About Our Company

I am Nibin, a proud Palaite who was born and brought up in Pala. It is no exaggeration if I say that my life is intertwined with my birth place in many subtle ways. As someone who knows the nook and corner of Pala, I am proud to present before you, a long-term aspiration of my heart – a store to door service – which, I hope, will be a great relief to your modern-day mechanical life. These days, people spend so much time traveling to buy commodities. Some like it and some don’t. The latter group feels that these unnecessary travels eats a lot of their otherwise productive time. No worries! You have come to the right place. I aim to provide a responsible store to door service that carefully cater your needs. However, delivery solutions is just one feature of my venture. I also provide a handful of other services like assistance in vehicle rentals, insurance payments and so. Last but not the least, I guarantee to provide these services at affordable costs that would fit the budget of a common man. Do what you love the most, We here for the rest.

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